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  • Web designs based around search engine optimisation, seo web design providing low cost web design for small business and sole traders.
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  • Here are examples of web sites designed in 2008 by A Perkin Web Design.
  • The aims of the ANTP are to advance the education of members of independent advice centres, the legal, social work and community work professions.
  • A site about Internet Security with helpful to do lists and browsers with plug ins to make your online surfing much safer. Also guides to passwords, spoofs, virus and spam.
  • Your ISP also known as an Internet Service Provider in the UK or USA are throttling back on their broadband customers in the evenings.
  • Renderite was founded by two people who have worked in the external renovations industry for over 25 years. Our speciality is superior workmanship using the best available materials.
  • One of my customers in 2008 an ice cream vendor in West Yorkshire who asked of my Web Design skills. Crazy Talk intro with tiger added in April 2008.
  • Place your website within the top positions on five first pages of Google search for your town or city within the Yorkshire region, guaranteed first page listings.
  • Professionally designed one page web site with an extra deep page, a custom designed from scratch.
  • Professionally designed two page web design, chosen from our template library or custom designed from scratch.
  • Professionally designed four page web design, With home page, services or product pages and contact page.
  • Professionally designed seven page web design. Home page, services or product pages contact page, with other pages of your choosing and privacy page.
  • Professionally designed online shop web design, with Paypal buttons, or with shopping cart, chosen from available template library. Contact Feedback form included e-commerce and catalogue.
  • Professionally designed advanced online shop with front end with CMS shopping cart back end.
  • Extra items and pages can be added to any of these packages to complement the web design. Logo design , Flash, 50 pounds per main page, 10 pounds per sub page and Crazy Talk intro at 50 pounds.
  • Here you can contact me with your new web site requirements.
  • You receive quality and service you expect from a leader. Teamwork: It my responsibility to know you and your business. Customer relations: Good Web Design, is my priority for satisfied customers.
  • Privacy statement stats what we will and not do with your information.
  • Web Design Tips Several contributors giving insight to web design for the beginner.
  • Nowadays with a viable web site, business can be built without ever understanding how to configure a Mysql database or coding in HTML or PHP.
  • One elementary yet very common mistake is to gather together a bunch of keywords and to copy them across an entire website.
  • You're a business person, you know all there is to know about your industry and your products. Now you need to choose an effective Web Design Company for your business.
  • Several years ago, having a web page (as a business or as an individual), was an indicator of prosperity, and required a certain amount of financial power. Nowadays, almost everybody has one.
  • For your website, please give extra attention to every minute detail to make sure it performs optimally which serves its purpose. Here are seven rules of thumb to make sure your website performs well.
  • Perhaps people that try such things have heard spurious rumours of how to get their site into Google’s top ten listings from certain forums. This is what SEO is about.
  • Websites that make their customers work to read them are not the best way to get business. Let's jump right in and look at five easy fixes:
  • There's millions of them out there. Countless millions of websites that just don't work right, or have that one quirky feature, or are weighted down with too much text.
  • Title tags are the first factors a search engines read at the pages of your website. Your title tag optimization helps search engines and visitors find out what's each page about.
  • When designing something, a designer should first go through the basics of designing. Whether he is designing a print design or web design, he must know the dos and do not's.
  • A web template is an element of web designing system that is used to rapidly generate and produce massive web pages through a pre defined schematic layout
  • The sound of death on the Internet is often overlooked and rarely acknowledged, but real nonetheless. It is comprised of a million clicks as they exit from a website that takes too long to download.
  • A one page web site, your site page can be much longer than you think. Make the most of this offer.
  • These guides are suited more to a business that already has a web site and are considering a re design.
  • The following checklist and the associated answers will facilitate the analysis process ofr designing and building the website that allows your company to turn the corner.
  • Content management system, CMS is a system that allows you to organize your data and lets your organization to share, use, retrieve or search the data.
  • Rich content means different things for different individuals, because what one person finds useful, another may not.
  • When evaluating the best web host, don’t get bogged down in evaluating the gigabytes and bandwidth of the hosts. That is not what really matters in your decision about which is the best web host.
  • All websites want to be listed at the top of the best rated search engines this is the art of good SEO to improve your listing.
  • Improved Page Rank is a term used by those with a confusion with SEO and page optimization and Google Page Rank.
  • How effective is your Web Site? Does it really help bring in business? How can you tell if it’s time for a web site clean-up, tune-up, or makeover?
  • SEO a compatibility study, often a lot of money is spent on developing websites that are not search engine friendly or search engine compatible.
  • It is absolutely necessary that your website must create the environment of trust otherwise, most of your efforts will be wasted. Have you ever thought – how to create trust for a website?

60% of website home page visitors leave because they fail to catch the visitors attention.

Fast and simple sites to serve your customers with a great browsing experience, easy to navigate and minimal use of quality photographs with the main aim of customer conversion.

Learn from Google UK

The UK's most visited website

Fast loading web pages, easy navigation and serves up relevant information on your search terms.

It is the content of your subject that Google will calculate your website relevance on.

Ask UK no 3 due to white space

Now they have dropped the servant graphics used on Ask Jeeves this is a very fast loading site.


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