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Advanced online shop

Lady Shopping the aim of an ecommerce website

Advanced online shops are designed in two layers.

1) Front end which is insecure and your shop window to pull the visitors.

The front end is custom designed from scratch with flash galleries to display your product range. With Contact us, feedback forms, privacy statement and links pages. This is maintained by your web designer so your staff can not effect your mission critical shop window.

2) Back end which is secure with your shopping cart to convert visitors to buyers. Your payments will be handled on this secure server which displays a padlock on the browser.

Padlock in browser in more detail

The back end is an off the shelf e-commerce package including catalogue pages and shopping cart. This can be updated by yourself or your staff using an easy to use content management system or if required also by your web designer. This package has administration tools that offer a comprehensive range enabling you see information on your products, customers and web trends.

Hosted at Canary Wharf in London for fast UK, Europe and international connections.

Can be hosted in Columbus, Ohio for fast United States and Canada connections. Note the Merchant Account must be set up in this country by British traders.

One year hosting and e-commerce included, providing you have the necessary Merchant Account with your bank or other provider.

Advanced online shop UK, one off web design and development costs of £375 no VAT.

USA, one off web design and development costs of £395 no VAT.

For future years the costs are about £230 which includes the front end and back end web sites, fees are due annually.

Go to the contact me page to order.

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60% of website home page visitors leave because they fail to catch the visitors attention.

Fast and simple sites to serve your customers with a great browsing experience, easy to navigate and minimal use of quality photographs with the main aim of customer conversion.

Learn from Google UK

The UK's most visited website

Fast loading web pages, easy navigation and serves up relevant information on your search terms.

It is the content of your subject that Google will calculate your website relevance on.

Ask UK no 3 due to white space

Now they have dropped the servant graphics used on Ask Jeeves this is a very fast loading site.


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